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X Fest 2013 Report, Gallery and Video

Read report from X Fest 2013 below, view photos on the 2013 Gallery page or at facebook.com/xfestuk and view a video compilation below.

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X Fest 2013 Videos:

X Fest 2013 Report

XFest 2013 – wow, what a weekend, sun, cars, bikes and some sick riding from Scooters, BMX’s, Inliners and Skateboarders.

The forecast was good and the gates opened early Saturday morning for the eager campers and those coming in for the open course day to maximise riding time before the competitions kicked off on Sunday. As well as open courses we also had a stop on the Grit Academy tour on the Scooter course giving unsigned riders the opportunity to get signed up and sponsored by Grit Scooters. A huge congrats goes out to our winner Stan Ash who then went on to finish 2nd in the Amateur comp too!

As well as a Park, Street, Scooter course and mini ramp we also had some motor powered machines running for your viewing pleasure including none other than Mark Webb drifting in his awesome S14 and Drew Thornton in the resident monster truck Podzilla! This is on top of the Saturday Night Special taking place on the famous ¼ mile with Straightliners, The Straightliners Stunt Bike Competition and Red Dragon Monster Truck Rides! For those interested in the music the daytime stage was running throughout the day (and weekend) featuring some of the best up and coming bands from around the Country.

Saturday night was all about the Fuelers Bar which played host to the UMU Urban Mashup with DJ Sparky and DJ Small Paul. There was an excellent atmosphere and the crowds were entertained throughout. Sunday night was Dubstep night featuring Harry Shotta and Majistrate and the crowds went mental.

Sunday and Monday were competition days for both the Pro’s and Amateurs. We saw some stunning riding in all disciplines and we must say Well Done to all winners and finalists:

We hope you all enjoyed the event and we’ll see you all back here for XFest 2014 if not before!

X Fest 2013 Results

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BMX Amateur Street

1st - Josh Randal
2nd - Ainsley Stevenson
3rd - Callum Emery
4th - Fin
5th - Tom Harris

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BMX Amateur Park

1st - Matt Sheppard
2nd - Freddy Woolner
3rd - Troy Hayward
4th - Louis White
5th - Tom Harrison

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BMX Park Pro

1st - Declan Brooks
2nd - Issac Lesser
3rd - Ashley Douglas
4th - Alex Colborn
5th - Tom Justice

BMW Dirt Pro Final

1st - Declan Brooks
2nd - Josh Turner
3rd - Scott Turner
4th - Paulo
5th - Angus Gough

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BMX Street Pro

1st - Tom Milham
2nd - Dec Brooks
3rd - Ronnie Surridge
4th - Issac Lesser
5th - Scott Atkinson

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Skateboard Mini Ramp Best Run Jam
sponsored by Mindless Longboards

1st - Jesse Thomas (Enuff skateboards)
2nd - Finley Kirkby
3rd - Amy (skate port)

Skateboard Mini Ramp Best Trick Monday
sponsored by Mindless Longboards and Horizon watches

1st - Tom
2nd - Jesse Thomas (Enuff skateboards)
3rd - Finley Kirkby

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Street Inline

1st - Paul Lomas (terminal 1 park)
2nd -Sam cooper
3rd - Adam (360 skatepark)

BMX Dirt Best Trick

1st - Scott Turner
2nd - Paulo
3rd - Angus Gough

Scoot Mag Scooter Competition

1st - Dakota Schuetz (Lucky)
2nd - Archie Cole (MGP)
3rd - Keenan Mehmet (Blunt)
4th - Ryan McNamara (Grit)
5th - Louie Fulton (Micro)