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Ramps 4 Sale

X Fest Ramps For Sale

As many of you already know, we’re sorry to report that unfortunately XFest as it was, is no more however there will still be Extreme Sports courses and displays at other Santa Pod events throughout the year so please keep an eye on www.santapod.com for upcoming events.

As a result all of the ramps and courses you have seen at previous events is now up for sale. This includes components that made up a number of different course, including a Park, Street and scooter course plus a young kids course and a mini ramp. Items are available individually or if you’re looking at building your own park, why not buy the job lot and have a great starting point. All ramps were built with storage and mobility in mind.

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The inventory of components is as follows:

  1. 2 of 2ft high, 4ft wide mellow flat banks.
  2. SOLD
  3. SOLD
  4. 1 of 5 1/2ft high, 2ft wide, 16ft long grind block with steel angle on grinding edges. Can be laid on its side to create a manual pad.
  5. 3 of 2ft high 6ft wide mellow flat banks, would suit street course/plaza section or is ideal to create long driveway.
  6. 8 of 4ft high, 8ft wide steep flat banks, was used with false floor (also available), 8 inches off the ground. Suitable to be used placed against a wall or with additional sub box, would require modification to sit on the floor. Could also be used for small jump box landing. Riding surfaces also available.
  7. SOLD
  8. 2 of 2 1/2ft high, 8ft wide, 5ft long table, no riding surface but this is available, suitable for inclusion in plaza or large driveway section.
  9. SOLD
  10. SOLD
  11. Combined spine mini ramp with jump box, flat bottoms also available. Bare frames with partial surfacing (full surfacing is also available).
    5ft high, 20ft wide combined spine mini ramp with jump box, can be configured as free standing obstacles or as 1 self contained unit utilising a false floor (available with surfacing). Coping, platform, and hand rail sections are all available and could be re-configured as ultra wide ¼ pipe or traditional mini spine ramp or jump setup.
  12. 1 of 2 1/2ft high, 2ft wide fly off ramp, relatively steep and large for a fly off
  13. 1 of Mini Ramp, 20ft wide, 5ft high riding height, 1ft high flat bottom. Breaks down into individual ¼ pipe & flat bottom sections. All nut and bolted together. 2 layers of best quality birch riding surface, complete with all safety rails. Easy to store and transport, currently in a 40ft trailer with room to spare.
  14. 1 of 8ft high, 24ft wide ¼ pipe, nut and bolt modular design that breaks down to 6 pieces.  Complete with hand rails, standing platform and riding surface. Fully transportable with 2 layers of best quality birch riding surface, not quite vertical.
  15. 1 of 6ft high, 16ft wide free standing volcano ramp (8 components). Large, pro size volcano that breaks down into individual ¼ pipes which could be reconfigured as freestanding ¼ pipes, hips or wall ride ramps etc. Originally built with a single hip attached to one end (also available). Inclusive of riding surface, kicker platers required (also available), raw material is also available to create lid.
  16. 1 of 6ft high, 8ft wide ¼ pipe with coping. Platform and hand rail required (materials available). Could even be made into mini half pipe.
  17. 6 of pieces of 5ft high, 4ft sections of ¼ pipe.
  18. 3 of 6ft high BMX Jump box landings
  19. SOLD
  20. Plus plenty of raw materials also available.

To find out more, please contact us on 01234 782828 or info@xfest.co.uk.

Photos below of ramps as they are now.

Ramps spacer Ramps spacer Ramps
Ramps spacer Ramps spacer Ramps


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