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X Fest 2013 Entry List

Riders currently entered for competitions at X Fest 2013 are listed below.

Advance entry for the pro or amateur competitions at X Fest 2013 has now closed. Any additional space will be available on the day on a first come first served basis. Helmets are compulsory.

Total Entries ( 243 )

Scooter Pro (32)
Competitor Discipline Category Sponsor Age Photo
Jack Bryan Scooter Pro riggmyroll, zinc scooters 17 Jack Bryan
Jake Taylor Scooter Pro 81 customs 17 Jake Taylor
Luke Clayton Scooter Pro Born Extreme 16 Luke Clayton
Luke Rogers Scooter Pro bullit scooter team and bonk skate shop 16 Luke Rogers
Toren Jarritt Scooter Pro MX Scooters (Micro) & Skatehut 16 Toren Jarritt
Connor Carter Scooter Pro Xupskateshop 17 Connor Carter
Luke Churchill Scooter Pro Xupskateshop 17 Luke Churchill
Dakota Scheutz Scooter Pro Lucky Scooters 17 Dakota Scheutz
Reece Prince Scooter Pro skates.co.uk 15 Reece Prince
Jamie Hull Scooter Pro MGP UK 11 Jamie Hull
Curtis Morris Scooter Pro Classic Sports 12 Curtis Morris
Archie Cole Scooter Pro MGP UK 15 Archie Cole
Louie Fulton Scooter Pro Micro Xtreme & Bern Helmets 16 Louie Fulton
Joe Martin Scooter Pro Crucial Scooters 15 Joe Martin
Connor Nimmo Scooter Pro Crucial Scooters 12 Connor Nimmo
Jordan Rafferty Scooter Pro Crucial Scooters 16 Jordan Rafferty
Ollie Murphy Scooter Pro Crucial Scooters 10 Ollie Murphy
Finley Daly Scooter Pro Crucial Scooters 14 Finley Daly
Joe Edwards Scooter Pro Classic Sports 15 Joe Edwards
Kallum Kerrigan Scooter Pro Micro Xtreme, Demon Xtreme Sports 19 Kallum Kerrigan
Jacques Honour Scooter Pro Micro Xtreme and Skatehut 13 Jacques Honour
Ryan McNamara Scooter Pro Grit Scooters UK 17 Ryan McNamara
Billy Kendall Scooter Pro Grit Scooters UK 17 Billy Kendall
Billy Atkins Scooter Pro Grit Scooters UK 17 Billy Atkins
Soly Bloomfield Scooter Pro Grit Scooters UK 12 Soly Bloomfield
Keenan Mehmet Scooter Pro Blunt Scooters UK/ Skate Hut/ Scoot Mag 14 Keenan Mehmet
Liam Griffiths Scooter Pro DKA Wheels, Cuttin Edge clothing 15 Liam Griffiths
Corey Wakeman Scooter Pro 18 Corey Wakeman
Devon Low Scooter Pro Grit Academy and Void Lifestyle Magazine 15 Devon Low
Cam Thomas Scooter Pro Skates.co.uk, Urban Division 15 Cam Thomas
Harry O'Donoughue Scooter Pro Skates.co.uk 0 Harry O'Donoughue
Curtis Vandries Scooter Pro Sacrifice, Skate Hut, Infinity Pro 18 Curtis Vandries
Scooter Amateur (83)
Competitor Discipline Category Sponsor Age Photo
Adam Gofton Scooter Amateur 360 Indoor Skate Park 15 Adam Gofton
Ash Dolan Scooter Amateur bullit scooter team and bonk skate shop 15 Ash Dolan
Barney Fairley Scooter Amateur 360 Indoor Skate Park 13 Barney Fairley
Ben Lamie Scooter Amateur soa clothing 16 Ben Lamie
Bradley Claughton Scooter Amateur 360 Indoor Skate Park 15 Bradley Claughton
Carl Alderson Scooter Amateur 360 Indoor Skate Park 16 Carl Alderson
Charlie Greenwood Scooter Amateur Ukscoots, Animation Bearings 15 Charlie Greenwood
Chay lane Scooter Amateur 14 Chay lane
Clarence Frank Thorley Scooter Amateur CRISP Scooters, Bern Helmets 5 Clarence Frank Thorley
Connor Purdy Scooter Amateur 14 Connor Purdy
Corey Wright Scooter Amateur 16 Corey Wright
Danny Spence Scooter Amateur 360 Indoor Skate Park 14 Danny Spence
Dante Hutchinson Scooter Amateur Grit academy Rider 12 Dante Hutchinson
Ethan Anthony Scooter Amateur 12 Ethan Anthony
George Petts Scooter Amateur 360 Indoor Skate Park 16 George Petts
Harry Thomas Scooter Amateur RAWK.com 11 Harry Thomas
Jack Jarvis Scooter Amateur 360 Indoor Skate Park 14 Jack Jarvis
Jack Strain Scooter Amateur 360 Indoor Skate Park 15 Jack Strain
Jake Thompson Scooter Amateur 360 Indoor Skate Park 15 Jake Thompson
Jamie Fear Scooter Amateur bornextreame 14 Jamie Fear
Jared Reece Scooter Amateur 13 Jared Reece
Jay Kelly Scooter Amateur Stinger sports uk 14 Jay Kelly
Josh Petts Scooter Amateur 360 Indoor Skate Park 16 Josh Petts
Kieran Rushgrove Scooter Amateur SSB-Scooters, Skates and Boards 14 Kieran Rushgrove
Lewis Smith Scooter Amateur 13 Lewis Smith
Louis Veitch Scooter Amateur Cropley Scooters 11 Louis Veitch
Owen Hawes Scooter Amateur Born Extreme 17 Owen Hawes
Reece Irving Scooter Amateur Motion Clothing 16 Reece Irving
Sam Dickinson Scooter Amateur The Drop Indoor Skatepark 15 Sam Dickinson
Tom Graves Scooter Amateur 12 Tom Graves
Tyla Seaton Scooter Amateur soa clothing & team extreme 15 Tyla Seaton
Zak Strong-White Scooter Amateur Cropley Scooters 12 Zak Strong-White
Connor Gamlin Scooter Amateur Xupskateshop 16 Connor Gamlin
Cameron Sharp Scooter Amateur Xupskateshop 10 Cameron Sharp
Alex Wright Scooter Amateur 12 Alex Wright
Callum Edge Scooter Amateur Scoot69 7 Callum Edge
Nathan Brown Scooter Amateur 13 Nathan Brown
Owen Parson Scooter Amateur Classic Sports 14 Owen Parson
Dayon Cast Scooter Amateur 64bar flow 11 Dayon Cast
Cam Thomas Scooter Amateur Skates.co.uk, Urban Division 15 Cam Thomas
Harley Walkr Scooter Amateur 15 Harley Walkr
Stan Johnson Scooter Amateur 12 Stan Johnson
Oli Johnson Scooter Amateur 14 Oli Johnson
Alistair Anderson Scooter Amateur Freestyle Scooters UK 12 Alistair Anderson
Louis Rumens Scooter Amateur Krazy Scooters 10 Louis Rumens
Gus Haywood Scooter Amateur Krazy Scooters 14 Gus Haywood
Lewis Burman Scooter Amateur Krazy Scooters 14 Lewis Burman
John Jones Scooter Amateur Krazy Scooters 15 John Jones
Stan Ash Scooter Amateur Krazy Scooters 14 Stan Ash
Sam Lovell Scooter Amateur Krazy Scooters 15 Sam Lovell
John-jo walsh Scooter Amateur born extreme and retro pro 15 John-jo walsh
Cam Durlacher Scooter Amateur Extreme Choice 13 Cam Durlacher
Azie powell Scooter Amateur 12 Azie powell
Josh ford Scooter Amateur 14 Josh ford
Charlie Love Scooter Amateur 12 Charlie Love
Josh Baker Scooter Amateur Urban Air 14 Josh Baker
Ewan Hardy Scooter Amateur Hardcore Pro Scooters, Defy Clothing 14 Ewan Hardy
Craig Lawrence Scooter Amateur Hardcore Pro Scooters, Defy Clothing 16 Craig Lawrence
George Peters Scooter Amateur Hardcore Pro Scooters, Defy Clothing 15 George Peters
Dan Lambert Scooter Amateur Hardcore Pro Scooters, Defy Clothing 17 Dan Lambert
George Burgan Scooter Amateur extreme choice 14 George Burgan
Richard Woodcock Scooter Amateur 12 Richard Woodcock
Matthew Hutton Scooter Amateur SOA Clothing 16 Matthew Hutton
Hugh Murphy Scooter Amateur 5 Hugh Murphy
Paddy Fox Scooter Amateur 14 Paddy Fox
Tommy Milton Scooter Amateur 12 Tommy Milton
Zac Casey Scooter Amateur 15 Zac Casey
Joshi Wood Scooter Amateur 4 Joshi Wood
Jamie Stainsby Scooter Amateur The Chaos Darlington 13 Jamie Stainsby
Laurie Ley Scooter Amateur MX Crew 15 Laurie Ley
Jamie Shepherd Scooter Amateur Rigg My Roll/MX Crew 15 Jamie Shepherd
Dan Attiwell Scooter Amateur 14 Dan Attiwell
Daniel Scooter Amateur razor 14 Daniel
Ryan Christie Scooter Amateur 14 Ryan Christie
Marcus Morris Scooter Amateur Classic Sports 14 Marcus Morris
Adam Swan Scooter Amateur 10 Adam Swan
Dan Attiwell Scooter Amateur 14 Dan Attiwell
Jay Simpson Scooter Amateur zinc scooters 10 Jay Simpson
Darren Simpson Scooter Amateur zinc scooters 12 Darren Simpson
Nathan Surridge   Scooter Amateur 11 Nathan Surridge  
Brandon Lockley Scooter Amateur 15 Brandon Lockley
Joe Marris Scooter Amateur Borne Extreme 14 Joe Marris
Sam Latham Scooter Amateur SSB - Scooters, Skates & Boards 16 Sam Latham
BMX Pro (35)
Competitor Discipline Category Sponsor Age Photo
Ben Wallace BMX Pro 26 Ben Wallace
James Curnock BMX Pro MGP BMX 20 James Curnock
James Ross BMX Pro Sick With It Clothing, UKcustomplugs, Chronic Apparel 18 James Ross
Jamie BMX Pro 0 Jamie
Leon Williams BMX Pro Fiction bmx, bmx plus, animal clothing 17 Leon Williams
Lewi Williams BMX Pro Rudeboi clothing 19 Lewi Williams
Mark Webb BMX Pro 0 Mark Webb
Ryan Elcock BMX Pro Scoop distro, Joe-Tek Seats, Xtremeplaypen apparel 25 Ryan Elcock
Sebastian smith BMX Pro Freegun, index ink, Woodward west, sidewall 20 Sebastian smith
Tom Isted BMX Pro Liferbmx.com, mongoose and Extreme sports channel 20 Tom Isted
Angus Gough BMX Pro Custom Riders, Park Clothing 15 Angus Gough
Nathan Rowe BMX Pro Tempest Brand 26 Nathan Rowe
Aaron Nicholson BMX Pro DK bicycles, vocalbmx, wearepark 22 Aaron Nicholson
Mat Armstrong BMX Pro MGP BMX 19 Mat Armstrong
Ashley Douglas BMX Pro Kis bike co , vocal Bmx , scoop distribution, we are park Clothing , Halfpipe London 21 Ashley Douglas
Alex Coleborn BMX Pro 0 Alex Coleborn
Joe Roofe BMX Pro Impurity Bike co 19 Joe Roofe
Chris Nunn BMX Pro Alone, belfast bmx, zeal distro 26 Chris Nunn
Bob Manchester BMX Pro Monster Energy, Crucial BMX shop, Stay Strong clothing 0 Bob Manchester
Matt Priest BMX Pro Verde, Relentless, Vans, Fox, the Source, Halo 0 Matt Priest
Declan Brooks BMX Pro mutant bikes , vocal bmx , hitch, park clothing 16 Declan Brooks
Mike hughes BMX Pro Belfast bmx shop, zeal distribution , #FTL 24 Mike hughes
Tom Justice BMX Pro tempered bikes, custom riders, alienation, king kong, odessa footwear 24 Tom Justice
Ed Percival BMX Pro mongoose bikes 17 Ed Percival
Ryan Hills BMX Pro Getting dirty clothing 20 Ryan Hills
Joe Symonds BMX Pro Stronghold BMX 24 Joe Symonds
Jack Pridmore BMX Pro 18 Jack Pridmore
Josh Turner BMX Pro infinity pro 18 Josh Turner
Alfie Pritchard BMX Pro 17 Alfie Pritchard
Issac Lesser BMX Pro FTL, mankind, rad bmx shop. 23 Issac Lesser
Brandon Lockley BMX Pro 15 Brandon Lockley
Jay Wright BMX Pro FTL CREW 22 Jay Wright
Tom Milham BMX Pro FTL 24 Tom Milham
Jack Foley BMX Pro Odessa Footwear, Hitch Uk, Twentyfive9 17 Jack Foley
James Rhodes BMX Pro FTL 26 James Rhodes
BMX Amateur (79)
Competitor Discipline Category Sponsor Age Photo
Aaron Haywood BMX Amateur Cantgoslo 16 Aaron Haywood
Ainsley Stevenson BMX Amateur Mags on ramps 15 Ainsley Stevenson
Alex Owen BMX Amateur 14 Alex Owen
Barney Pauley BMX Amateur Charge Clothing 17 Barney Pauley
Ben Bettinson BMX Amateur El buds 21 Ben Bettinson
Ben Ingram BMX Amateur 16 Ben Ingram
Callum Emery BMX Amateur Total BMX, TeamGS, Tempest Band, Ride Hard BMX, Voltz Energy 16 Callum Emery
Cam Peake BMX Amateur Twisted BMX 16 Cam Peake
Chester Pegg BMX Amateur elmstones 15 Chester Pegg
Christian Paterson BMX Amateur Heatsinkbikes.com Wearepark.co.uk condemnedbikeco.com 16 Christian Paterson
Connor Christey BMX Amateur 16 Connor Christey
Corey Moore BMX Amateur Faith Clothing Co, Ruff Clothing 17 Corey Moore
Curtis Choudhury BMX Amateur 15 Curtis Choudhury
Dom Blackall BMX Amateur tru-forme 13 Dom Blackall
Dylan Hessey BMX Amateur 9 Dylan Hessey
Gary Lawrence BMX Amateur Northbridge skatepark, seventy3 bmx 19 Gary Lawrence
Jack Gibbins BMX Amateur The Drop Indoor Skatepark 18 Jack Gibbins
Jacob Turner BMX Amateur 14 Jacob Turner
Jake Walters BMX Amateur Endured Clothing, Stronghold bmx 17 Jake Walters
Joe Bee BMX Amateur 16 Joe Bee
Jordan Moore BMX Amateur ruf 16 Jordan Moore
Jorge Wray BMX Amateur 16 Jorge Wray
Leo Smith BMX Amateur Nebula Clothing 15 Leo Smith
Lewis BMX Amateur 22 Lewis
Lewis Draper BMX Amateur 15 Lewis Draper
Liam Randall BMX Amateur cat bmx 17 Liam Randall
Myles Beaumont BMX Amateur Subliminal BMX 16 Myles Beaumont
Nathan Bedford BMX Amateur 15 Nathan Bedford
Oakley Way BMX Amateur 12 Oakley Way
Owen Watson BMX Amateur Freshline Productions 13 Owen Watson
Scott cherry-plescia BMX Amateur 16 Scott cherry-plescia
Tiago santos BMX Amateur 16 Tiago santos
Tom BMX Amateur 17 Tom
Tom Harrison BMX Amateur Northbridge skatepark Seventy3 bmx 15 Tom Harrison
Troy Hayward BMX Amateur #TeamGS, @totalBmx, @hitchuk 12 Troy Hayward
William Donohue BMX Amateur 17 William Donohue
Zak Turner BMX Amateur 10 Zak Turner
Declan Hill BMX Amateur 14 Declan Hill
Daniel Tsarfaty BMX Amateur Logan Garments , Pro Industries 16 Daniel Tsarfaty
Macaulay Brighton BMX Amateur Tempest Brand 17 Macaulay Brighton
Tom D'arcy BMX Amateur Tempest Brand, Social Bike co 15 Tom D'arcy
Sam Bright BMX Amateur Tempest Brand, Radcliffe Skatepark 15 Sam Bright
Jack Clifford BMX Amateur Filthy Threads Apparel 16 Jack Clifford
Jason Irwin BMX Amateur slam69 shop 28 Jason Irwin
Kieran Carpenter BMX Amateur The Firm Clothing 18 Kieran Carpenter
James Jones BMX Amateur @impuritybikeco @animal_uk @vpcomponents @fluidbmx 19 James Jones
Paul Friel BMX Amateur Logan Garments 14 Paul Friel
Alex Cahill BMX Amateur Scuffwheels 19 Alex Cahill
Ryan Marshall BMX Amateur 16 Ryan Marshall
Chris Spittal BMX Amateur 0 Chris Spittal
Matt Sheppard BMX Amateur #teamGS 19 Matt Sheppard
Chad Punchard BMX Amateur 22 Chad Punchard
Seb Landerer BMX Amateur Owen Cycles 18 Seb Landerer
Sam Hill BMX Amateur 15 Sam Hill
Zaac emberton BMX Amateur 16 Zaac emberton
Robbie Taylor BMX Amateur 21 Robbie Taylor
JT Cunningham BMX Amateur Kid Dynamite Apparel 9 JT Cunningham
Paul Friel BMX Amateur 13 Paul Friel
Callam Duffy BMX Amateur 360 Indoor Skate Park 22 Callam Duffy
Kieran Reilly BMX Amateur Trax skate & bike. KISBIKECO 11 Kieran Reilly
Dan Ashley BMX Amateur 16 Dan Ashley
Adam Smith BMX Amateur Crucial BMX 0 Adam Smith
Reece Dunn BMX Amateur ExtremeChoice 21 Reece Dunn
Jake Dooler BMX Amateur 19 Jake Dooler
Connor Hammon BMX Amateur 15 Connor Hammon
Harvey Shorey BMX Amateur 15 Harvey Shorey
Stan Ukleja BMX Amateur Dirt Monkeys 25 Stan Ukleja
Finn Murphy BMX Amateur Ledge skate shop 15 Finn Murphy
Josh Randall BMX Amateur Extreme choice 22 Josh Randall
Jack Malpass BMX Amateur Twenty five 9 bmx 17 Jack Malpass
Harry Whittle BMX Amateur Extreme choice 16 Harry Whittle
Ricky Hudson BMX Amateur Extreme choice 25 Ricky Hudson
Lawry Herbert BMX Amateur wendys 11 Lawry Herbert
Josh Vaughan BMX Amateur 16 Josh Vaughan
William Puttock BMX Amateur Synical clothing 17 William Puttock
Brandon Hickman BMX Amateur 12 Brandon Hickman
Scott Atkinson  BMX Amateur Notion Store 20 Scott Atkinson 
Darcy Ahmed bmx Amateur extreme choice 16 Darcy Ahmed
Will Bright BMX Amateur 11 Will Bright
Inline (6)
Competitor Discipline Category Sponsor Age Photo
Cei Evans Inline Amateur 11 Cei Evans
Dylan Logsdon Inline Amateur 15 Dylan Logsdon
Sam Miller Inline Amateur 16 Sam Miller
Ryan Simpson Inline Amateur 17 Ryan Simpson
Levi Payne Inline Amateur 13 Levi Payne
Adam Brown Inline Amateur 360 Indoor Skate Park 20 Adam Brown
Skateboard (7)
Competitor Discipline Category Sponsor Age Photo
Gary White Skateboard Amateur Surfers yard, Crusty skateboarding, pi. (international) clothing, Rampaid. South west skate stream 23 Gary White
Ollie Plunknet Skateboard Amateur The Drop Indoor Skatepark 18 Ollie Plunknet
Sam Modi Skateboard Amateur elmstones 15 Sam Modi
Ben Rafferty Skateboard Amateur Tnt Skate Shop 19 Ben Rafferty
Harvey clements Skateboard Amateur KD1 16 Harvey clements
Dan Lacey Skateboard Amateur Antidote Clothing & Underground Freestyle Sports 25 Dan Lacey
Jamie Boder Skateboard Amateur KD1 15 Jamie Boder